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Fifty years after our founding, Literacy Volunteers of Bangor is strong and solid.​​

We serve over 300 students annually with a corps of well over 300 volunteers. We provide a select list of services to meet local needs:

  • Basic Literacy tutors
  • English Language Learning tutors
  • English Language Partners, who meet for chats with new English speakers
  • Family Literacy programming
  • New Books, New Readers book club
  • Penobscot County Jail literacy program

In the 21st century, Literacy is more than simply reading. It’s the ability to comprehend, spell, write effectively, and converse so that you’re understood in a variety of settings. ​​

Changing literacy needs
To survive and get ahead today, adults need to
understand more complex systems than ever before. Literacy involves letters, numbers, and technology. It’s a global world, and parents are their children’s first teachers of it all.  ​​

Adults also need to advocate for themselves and their family members, whether that’s with teachers, healthcare providers, agency workers, or the local store clerk. And this requires English language skills and the finesse to know how to navigate these often complicated systems through language.​​

At Literacy Volunteers, we’re rising to the challenge of addressing all types of literacy barriers so that we can make our community stronger in our next 50 years!