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Thank you! Donors, students, volunteers, you

We’re thankful to so many people!

Our donors. They make it happen. Without federal or state funding, we depend entirely on the generosity of individuals and foundations. And they are generous!​​ Whether they give cash donations or in-kinds goods or services, we’re grateful. Our donors make our community stronger through improved adult literacy when they support us!

Our students. Hundreds of local men and women have worked to change their lives with a little help from us. Many have preferred to remain anonymous; others have helped us spread the word. We’re grateful to them all for their grit, hard work, and courage. They inspire us every single day.​​

Our volunteers. We’ve featured several, as examples, in this history. They represent the countless folks who have tutored students, stuffed envelopes, staffed informational tables, and done countless other tasks that keep the organization alive and energetic. Most important, they have cared for the students we serve, deeply and over long periods of time.

Finally, thank you for the solid leadership from the volunteers who have served on our board of directors over the years. They’ve helped steer this mission, keep us financially sound, and ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Award winners: all of us!
In 2007, we received the Agency of Distinction from Channel 2’s “2 Those who Care.” In 2018, we were one of three local agencies to receive a $15,000 donation from the Friends of Cross Center at their annual gala. Individuals have also been honored by community awards over the years.

It takes every single one of our many volunteers, students, and donors to create our success. The real winners are the adults who have the courage to change their lives by improving their literacy.

Thank you for reading our story!

Historical timeline team: Literacy Volunteers Pat Burnes, Meghan Collins, Anita Kurth, John Lopez,  Mary Marin Lyon, Mike Melochick.